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Thank you for a great season, despite the (climate-altered) weather!

Is it just us, or was every Wednesday film night this past winter and early spring destined to be star-crossed + postponed because of impossible/impassable snow, sleet, windstorms, freezing rain, and so on in this age of the climate crisis. Despite it all, we had pretty good turnouts when we were able to reschedule all of the films, and even managed to raise a glass or two in celebration at the final film on May 1 at the Busholme. So thank YOU for your perseverance and attendance-when-you-could make it, and we look forward to creating another season of films, food and activism in 2020!  If you would like to help us out, we would be most thankful. Contact Liz Armstrong at liz@lizarmstrong.ca to say you're interested, and we'll  get in touch in the fall!

OUR FINAL 2019 FILM ! The Social Shift  This Wednesday May 1 at The Busholme Inn (not the Erin Legion!) When Dufferin-Caledon Climate Change Action showed The Social Shift : A Documentary on Business for the Common Good on February 19 in Orangeville, about 100 people showed up, and the feedback was excellent – so we know there's lots of interest in social enterprises! Since the Erin Legion was already booked on May 1, we've moved on over to The Busholme Inn at 156 Main Street. This final  film is sponsored by SheEO, a Radically Generous Community.  Trailer is here: www.thesocialshift.ca.  Julia Bubrin, one of SheEO's community animators will be on hand to field your questions about the film and social enterprises in general. Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday at The Busholme!

Living The Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future April 24

Living the Change explores solutions to the global crises we face today – solutions any one of us can be part of – through the inspiring stories of people pioneering change in their own lives and in their communities in order to live in a sustainable and regenerative way. Our sponsor is Heartwood Farm & Cidery.

              “Here are the issues we all need to be talking about, and with local examples of people who are making a                                   difference. We need these solutions NOW.”  Malcolm Rands

• Modified - A Foodlover's Journey into GMOs April 10.

In this award-winning documentary Modified, filmmaker Aube Giroux and her mother embark on a very personal and poignant investigative journey to find out why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not labeled on food products in the Canada, despite being labeled in 64 countries around the world.  (87 minutes).  Our sponsor is Jay Mowat & Swift Creek Energy Corporation.

           "For anyone who cares about what they put in their mouth, where it comes from and how it is produced — and I                     would like to think that is all of us — this film is a must-see. It is also beautiful beyond words." Joan Baxter, Medium

  Sharkwater Extinction - March 20 As a small-town film series with a limited budget, we were extremely lucky to land this film for our 2019 list at a price we could afford. It may sound like a depressing title,  but it's a courageous, hopeful movie featuring a true Canadian hero, Rob Stewart, whose enduring love of sharks and Earth's oceans points to many ways we can act to save this 'keystone' species so crucial the health of our planet. Sponsor is Ryan Colwell, IPC Investment Corporation

"The sharks have lost their greatest fighter and advocate, but Stewart's message, even had he lived, is clear: It's up to all of us now."

                  Chris Knight, National Post


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